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How to Lower Your Freight Costs

Paying too much to get your bottles from the warehouse to your winery or vineyard?

Glopak Wine & Spirits can help.

We have warehouses in over 10 states, at 12+ locations, and we are constantly adding more for your convenience. This means your bottles will never be too far. Warehouses in more locations means decreased freight costs and faster delivery so you can begin bottling on time. If the closest warehouse does not have what you need, another nearby location might.

Contact us today to receive a free quote and bottle samples: 844.4.GLOPAK or

Glopak Wine & Spirits Warehouse Locations

Glopak Wine & Spirits Warehouse Locations:

Paso Robles, CA

Santa Maria, CA

Atlanta, GA

Elk Grove, IL

Bowling Green, KY

Kansas City, MO

Hicksville, NY

Ontario, NY

Geneva, OH

Clackamas, OR

Waco, TX

Salt Lake City, UT

Richmond, VA

Visit our Wine Industry Network Profile for more industry news.

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