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Heavy on the Eyes, Light on the Line - Innovative Wine Bottles by Glopak

Get the heavy look without the added weight and cost!

New to market late Fall 2016. The Monty and the Chancellor are two new molds designed to offer winemakers an economical option to traditional heavy Bordeaux’s and Burgundy’s. It's no illusion, weighing in at 510g and 485g respectively, the Monty and the Chancellor feature deep punts and carre neck finishes, giving them the heavy appearance typical of more expensive wine bottles on the market today.

What’s the price per case? You'll have to contact us to find out. With a no-money-down commitment, we are offering a gracious 5% discount on all pre-orders on both the Monty and Chancellor along with our entire product offering. To view our entire collection and obtain a quote, visit us online at or call 1.844.4.GLOPAK and an account manager will reach out to discuss your exact needs.

Visit our Wine Industry Network Profile for more industry news.

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